Logging in to Odoo

Once Your Odoo has been successfully deployed, you can start working with it. This article will guide you log in to the admin interface of Odoo.

1. Log in to the Client Panel

Please log in to the Control Panel with your credentials. Then locate your target deployment on the Home page or the My Applications page.

2. Navigate to the "Site & SSL" page

Click the "Manage" button on the Home page or the My Applications pgae, followed by the “Site & SSL” tab.

3. Log in to Odoo

  1. Click the domain you'd like to visit. You will be taken to the login interface.

  2. Input your Initial Login Email and Initial Login Password.

  3. Click Log in.

Note: It may happen when you copy and paste your login information into the field, blank space appears before your email or password. Do remember to remove the blank space, otherwise the login will fail.

4. Manage your Odoo Site

Now you can manage your Odoo via browser.

If you need any help on the use of those apps, please click the Administrator > Documentation.

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