How to Add System Parameters to Odoo

In order that Odoo PDF works correctly, we have to add some system parameters to Odoo. Here we will how to add the system parameters.

1. Activate the Developer Mode

Log in to your Odoo site with your user name and password.

In Settings tab, go to the Developer Tools section.

Click "Activate the developer mode" to enable developer mode for your Odoo.

Activate the developer mode in Odoo site

2. Add System Parameters to Odoo

After you enable developer mode for your odoo, then go to the settings page again. Then, navigate to Technical > Parameters > System Parameters

Navigate to the system parameters

Click "New" to add system parameters.

Add parameters

We need to add below 2 sets system parameters.

key: report.url

key: web.base.url.freeze
value: True

Add parameter 1

Add parameter 2

3. Reboot Odoo Instance

In the client panel, at Shell/SSH section, click the "Reboot" icon to reboot your Odoo instance.

Reboot Odoo instance

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