Odoo 15 Website Hosting: A Good Odoo Version

On October 6th, 2021, Odoo v15 was released. Odoo 15 is an open-source program, which is free. Odoo 15 has a newly designed e-commerce page layout and a new coupon and promotion plan for the Odoo point-of-sale module. This article will introduce the details of odoo15 hosting for you. Let's have a look!
What is Odoo 15?

Odoo 15 is a series of open-source business application packages, which can meet all the application needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, such as the basic purchase, sales, sales, MRP production and manufacturing, quality assurance and quality assurance, enterprise recruitment, employee contract, vacation, lunch management, internal forum, fleet management, internal chat IM communication, customer complaint tracking management, CRM customer relationship management, VOIP, E-Shop e-commerce, online store Enterprise official website, financial accounting, bank reconciliation, asset management, HR salary management, budget management, WMS warehouse inventory management, POS street stall, community store, project management, barcode, PLM, etc.

Odoo 15 is a very successful open-source enterprise suite

At present, Odoo 15 and related hosting are favored by the investment field. The latest news shows that another investment was obtained in 2021. Odoo's own business is also booming in major countries around the world, and its product functions are both powerful, flexible, and extremely low-cost. This is also the key reason why many global enterprises choose Odoo as their framework.

One application, all requirements

The positioning of Odoo 15 is clear, aiming at the one-stop solution requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of IT, it has built a strong framework foundation, including a high-performance database, a real copy that can be installed modular, local/hosted/SaaS and other multi-mode deployments, and so on, to ensure that small and medium-sized enterprises can achieve all the IT requirements on a platform with unlimited expansion. This is why I chose Odoo to develop for the SaaS software industry.

Strong secondary development capability

Odoo 15 is based on a series of open-source technologies and products such as Postgresql and Python and builds a mature and stable architecture. It provides powerful configuration, customization, and online development tools to ensure the balance between universal products and flexible customization. The rapid customization capability of Odoo hosting will ensure the scalability of customer requirements.

Odoo hosting is superior to Oracle, SAP, and Salesforce in small and medium-sized markets

Although Odoo hosting is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises, it maximizes the excellent experience accumulated by major giants in business planning, system architecture, and expansion and development capabilities, and at the same time, it is better in innovation, flexibility, and ingenuity, successfully blocking the plans of major companies to cover the small and medium-sized enterprise market at the same time.

In particular, SaaS companies are generally small and medium-sized enterprises, so Odoo is preferred when selecting products. When you choose CRM or ERP, of course, you choose Odoo 15.

Have a solid partner and ecosystem in the global market

Odoo has made great efforts to develop localized versions and cultivate local implementation partners. Companies in the ecosystem and developers in the community have developed rapidly every year. In recent years, they have established a joint venture with Odoo to operate the SaaS version of Odoo in China. These forces provide a solid guarantee for enterprises to select Odoo. Odoo is also based on the power of ecology to ensure successful implementation under the condition that users have more choices.

New Functions of Odoo 15 Hosting Community Edition

Voice, video communication, and screen sharing

After installing an application, you can see an important improvement of odoo15: in the discussion module, you can add functions such as voice, video communication, and screen sharing.

Thanks to the fact that Odoo15 can set up the ICE server, the point-to-point application based on webRtc can make great progress for the technical controllers of Odoo.

video communication
Mail Plugin Extension

Odoo15 Community Edition adds the mail plugin extension, which is very friendly to enterprises with a high frequency of e-mail use (such as the foreign trade industry).

mail plugin extension

By activating Mail Plugin in odoo15 and configuring the corresponding settings of Odoo in outlook, you can make your outlook mail and Odoo hosting system friendly.

activating Mail Plugin
New HTML editor function in Odoo 15 hosting

The HTML editor function has been included in version 15. Look at this function used in the following project. For illustrative needs, the HTML editor is excellent in cooperation, which will certainly be more vivid and acceptable. For developers, you can use this function when you need to use type='HTML'.

HTML editor function
New system import interface

The new system import interface is enabled for Odoo15 hosting. The actual effect shows that the import record is more intuitive and faster. The improvement of this function is very helpful for other systems to switch to Odoo. How old data enters the new system has always been an important consideration for enterprises to consider the selection of new systems.

New system import interface
Multi Teams and Rule-Base Assignment in CRM

As shown in the figure below, in CRM, odoo15 can set a salesperson to belong to multiple sales teams. This new feature of authority level brings great flexibility to the enterprise's management of customers and leads.

The other is the Rule-Base Assignment function, which can set the corresponding rules for the customer's rating through setting to facilitate the orderly division of information in the customer pool.

Multi Teams
New printing function in Manufacturing

In Odoo 15 hosting, you can print labels directly on the product page.

printing function in Manufacturing
Odoo 15 hosting has improved the UI of the product page

At the same time, Odoo 15 hosting has improved the UI of the product page. As shown in the following figure, we can now operate many functions of the previous page:

UI of the product page
Inventory configuration in Odoo 15

In the inventory configuration of odoo15, we can set more detailed storage categories in the new version as needed. Control the grade and category of many warehouse materials (such as by volume and weight) by storage category.

inventory configuration

Start Using Odoo 15 Hosting

Odoo 15 is a very good version. You can use cloud hosting, VPS hosting, or self-hosting to host Odoo 15. Finding the right hosting provider will have a huge impact on your business. Now let's try the powerful functions of Odoo 15.