Odoo 16 Hosting: Experience New Features in Odoo 16 Community Version

The predecessor of Odoo is open ERP, which is updated once a year. On October 12 ,2022, version 16 was released. Odoo16 added some new features, optimized some functions, and greatly improved the running speed.

What is Odoo?

Odoo is a complete system, an open source framework, developed for the needs of ERP, and suitable for customizing ERP systems, e-commerce systems, CMS, or websites that meet the needs of customers. Because the underlying structure of Odoo is very strong, all modules can be installed and loaded as needed, so customers can build their desired systems like building blocks. Even if the ERP-related modules are not installed at all, and only the underlying framework of Odoo itself is used, a system suitable for various purposes can be built, a pure B/S architecture. All of this is free and is not limited by the source code, or by the number of users.
What is Odoo

Function Improvement of Odoo 16

fiber_manual_recordIntelligent customer service, i.e. chat robot.
fiber_manual_recordThe knowledge base of application data can be embedded, and the data table of Odoo can be dynamically embedded in the knowledge base document. Like Notion notes, the enterprise version features.
fiber_manual_recordFor paper documents of reimbursement, OCR can automatically extract form data and convert them into vouchers.
fiber_manual_recordData recycling.
fiber_manual_recordKanban and Excel tables are more powerful.
fiber_manual_recordThe website construction ability has reached a higher level, and the commonly used graphics transformation and animation special effects are automatically applied..
fiber_manual_recordThe original financial, reimbursement, and manufacturing management have been improved.
Function Improvement of Odoo 16

Framework Improvements of Odoo 16

fiber_manual_recordRemove the translation table and store the translation in the model field as JSON.
fiber_manual_recordHTTP refactoring, clearer code structure, and better performance.
fiber_manual_recordWebsocket, instead of a long link.
fiber_manual_recordDatabase Management Command Line Tools.
fiber_manual_recordCommand line tool for code line statistics.
fiber_manual_recordThe web client is rewritten using owl 2.
fiber_manual_recordPerformance improvement: onchange, recompute_ Read(), batch insert, simplify_ Write(), improving_ modified().
fiber_manual_recordCache view data to improve performance, field_ view_ Change get() to get_ Views (), and use cache to save view data at the same time.


The official definition is a more low-level abstract management library for DOM objects. You can render the DOM object of the page in the form of blocks, and distinguish between static elements and dynamic elements.

OWL2 frame

In Odoo15, only 30% of the front-end components use the OWL1 framework. In this release of Odoo16, 99% of the front-end code of the Odoo Studio module has been refactored using OWL 2, except that some front-end code remains in the form of widgets. The result is:

fiber_manual_recordReduced the number of lines of code by 30%.
fiber_manual_recordThe page rendering speed has been improved by 2 to 20 times.
fiber_manual_recordCSS Cleanup.
fiber_manual_recordIn Odoo16, the number of code lines of SCSS is greatly reduced, thus reducing the time for rendering pages.

Network Request

As an application of BS architecture, each operation of the user needs to achieve effective data interaction with the server. Therefore, the focus of optimization is on

fiber_manual_recordReduce request packet size.
fiber_manual_recordNumber of merge requests.
fiber_manual_recordJS and CSS files will be merged into one file, and redundant code will be removed.
fiber_manual_recordOptimize load_ Logic in views(), simplifying field data.
fiber_manual_recordDownload large files through software agents such as NGINX

Version Conversion of Odoo 16

fiber_manual_recordThe functions of the community version include barcode scanning, Spreadsheet, and mass_ mailing_ themes.
fiber_manual_recordThe function of transferring to the enterprise version includes a knowledge base and voucher adjustment interface.

New Module of Odoo 16

New Module of Odoo 16

New modules include knowledge base, data_ Recycle data, privacy query, payment_ mollie、microsoft_ Outlook, etc.
Odoo Summary


Odoo is very popular among small and micro manufacturing enterprises and trading enterprises, and it is a good product in the open-source ERP system.

Start Using Odoo 16 Hosting

Odoo 16 is a very good version. You can use cloud hosting, VPS hosting, or self-hosting to host Odoo 16. Finding the right hosting provider will have a huge impact on your business. Now let's try the powerful functions of Odoo 16.